Our Fabulous Females

     As with any cattle production, our females are the backbone of our operation. 
We have a high expectation from our females and they need to perform in all areas including:

Fertility: Each female is expected to produce and raise a calf each year. 

Feminine: Our females need to show femininity. 
Udders: Each female needs to have a well attached udder with good teats and provide an adequate supply of milk for their calves.

Constitution: Every female must show good constitution to carry them through calving and the cold New England winters.

Temperament: Anything with a bad attitude is culled.

Structure: She must be overall structurally sound with good feet, a straight back and have good length and depth.

Longevity: This goes in hand with fertility. Females that return with a positive preg test result each year have earned their place in the herd, some of our cows are now well over 13 years of age and still breeding.

Our female lines include:

Gyranda, Allendale, Ellera, Santalands, Santa Park, Hartwood, Warenda and the recent addition of selected commercial heifers from Warrillee. 

Our Elite Ladies

Warenda Delight D681 (P)
Delight is the dam of Indiana H180 (P) sold to M & J Hicks, Lancelot L168 (AI)(PP) sold to Allens Creek Pastoral for $6,000 & Merlin M132 (PP) sold to M & J Reddan for $11,000
Hatwood Zoe B-520 (P)
Dam of Dhurani D239 pictured as a calf at foot
Warenda Penny P129 & Frankie F199
old matron Warenda Penny P129 (P) and one of her daughters Glen Leigh Frankie F199 (P) as a calf at foot
Warenda Sienna S169 (P)
Dam of Glen Leigh Ella E137 (AI)(P), Jackson whom we used in our herd and Kirralea an outstanding daughter. Both of these were sired by Watasanta Big Banana (P)
Glen Leigh Gypsy G105 (P) & Kit Kat K209
Glen Leigh Gwenyth G131 (P)
Glen Leigh Ella E137 (AI)(P)
Glen Leigh Daiquiri D197 (P)
Glen Leigh Daiquiri D197 (P) won Grand Champion Heifer at the National Junior Show in 2009
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