2019 Sale Bulls

All of our 2019 Sale Bulls have been sold

We look forward to showing you our 2020 Sale Bulls

3rd Annual Western Downs Santa Sale
Friday 13th September - 11.30am
Dalby Regional Saleyards

Offering 12 Top quality bulls

Glen Leigh bulls all scanned and weighed ready for sale day
Glen Leigh 2019 Sale bull preview

17/08/19  *** Hot off the press  **

Poll results are in and 4 of our sale team have been confirmed Homozygous poll
Lot 14 - Glen Leigh Oakley N196 (PP)
Lot 15 - Glen Leigh Nullabore N188 (PP)
Lot 16 - Glen Leigh Nandewar N118 (PP)
Lot 65 - Shannonbrook Pirate P4 (PP)

These bulls are all sold

Glen Leigh Nandewar N118 (PP)
Glen Leigh Nindigully N126 (PS)
Glen Leigh Nudge N128 (P)
Glen Leigh Nutcracker N156 (P)
Glen Leigh Nightshade N176 (P)
Glen Leigh Nullabore N188 (PP)
Glen Leigh Oakley N196 (PP)
Glen Leigh Oscar N206 (P)
Shannonbrook Pirate P4 (PP)
Shannonbrook Outback P14 (P)
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